People Not Mascots’ Logo
Artist: David Jakupca
Acrylic on Canvas 22″ x 28″ 1992 Signed Lower Right
Current Owner assumed to be Lake Erie Native American Council (LENAC)

The ‘People Not Mascots’ Logo is meant to be a Native American protest caricature of the Cleveland Indians Baseball team. It was originally painted by David Jakupca, it has drawn criticism from some sportswriters, fans and local businessmen, but gained immediate acceptance among humanitarian, religious groups and Native Americans. It gained international popular attention when it was it exhibited by ICEA at the 1993 UN World Conference on Human Rights held in Vienna, Austria and has become one of the most recognized anti-racists logo’s in existence (Theory of Iceality on Environmental Arts). It also caused repercussions for the groups connected with usung the logo and this has been documented in the INTERNECINE MATRIX..
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